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Why Prep?

These specially designed 5-hour seminars offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the upcoming ACT and SAT and develop a personalized game plan to maximize their scores. While other classes may be weeks-long and cost hundreds of dollars, "Prep for the Future" is an affordable option that will fit into the busy schedules of today’s students. Our seminars help students of all skill levels reach their highest potential on the ACT and SAT.

$500 Scholarship Offer

Sycamore Learning Company believes every student should have the opportunity to attend college and we want to help students reach this goal. To support this belief, we are offering two $500 scholarships to students around the country who have attended a "Prep for the Future" seminar. For further details click here

Extensive Study Guide

Every student who attends an ACT or SAT seminar will receive a study guide full of tips and strategies and 3 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations. During the seminar, students will be shown specific ways to take each part of the test and the study guide will reinforce these tactics after the seminar is completed.

Study Skills Seminars

Sycamore Learning Company has developed a new study skills seminar to help students at all levels of their academic progress. It is important to understand the process of time management and the optimal ways to study to increase productivity as well as test scores. For more details click here.

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Highly-rated presenters
Only the highest rated presenters teach for Sycamore Learning Company graded by students at seminars around the country.

Tips and Strategies for all parts of the test
Students will learn valuable strategies to increase scoring on all sections, including the Essay portion of the test

Efficient, Affordable, and Fun
These affordable and engaging 5-hour seminars are an excellent way for students to learn about the ACT or SAT, while fitting easily into their busy lives.

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